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Modified Stiletto 27

Modern Stiletto 27

What a 2014 Stiletto 27 might look like...

So, I got thinking about what a Stiletto 27, designed in 2014, might look like. While foiling is the latest thing, I don't think that it is evolved enough to be appropriate for a production family boat (yet). Curved daggerboards probably make sense from both a performance standpoint and opening up the interior of the hulls. Keeping with the floater theme and an overall length of 27', reversing the bow added 2 1/2' to the sailing waterline - the same as a Stiletto 30. Even the tall rig 30's are a little sticky in light air, so I'd only increase the beam 2', like the GT, to get the hull flying sooner. Eliminating the genoa jib in favor of a self tacking jib, I'd put the sail area into the mainsail. With the extra sailing length and beam, the mast would get 6' taller (on the performance version anyway...). The hull shape would be dramatically different under water - similar to an F-18 or A cat.

Photo 1A 2014 Stiletto 27A 2014 Stiletto 27
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