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Stiletto 27 standard

Apostle Island Lighthouse Trip 2007 [Part 3 of 3]

A trip to the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior [Part 3 of 3]

Kayakers love going to the Apostle Islands. There are sea caves you can get into with your kayak and the islands are pretty close together. But Id rather have a larger boat that can carry a kayak! Needless to say, the Stiletto gets a lot of attention, both on and off the water. Most people have never heard of a Stiletto. We only met one who knew what it was and they were from Canada. As we pulled in any where, all eyes were on us. So when pulling up to the rocks to tie off, youd have to take it slowly and carefully to make it look like you do this all the time. Im always amazed where I can stick this boat and that I can beach it, or even anchor in such shallow water you barley get your ankles wet. I really is the prefect week-end boat. It was so much fun I almost forget the pain of assembling / disassembling it. Oh, and I think the boys enjoyed it too.

Photo 1Forth Day - Devil\'s Island - Sea CavesForth Day - Devil's Island - Sea Caves

Photo 2Forth Day - I\'m gona sail at least once!Forth Day - I'm gona sail at least once!

Photo 3Forth Night - York Island (again)Forth Night - York Island (again)
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