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Tiller To Rudder Joint - Change to Ball Joint

Retrofit a ball joint to replace the stock tiller to rudder connection

While the stock tiller to rudder connection works well, I thought that a ball joint would work better.  I sourced a stainless steel ball joint and a long bolt with nut (I forgot the sizes I'll update this when I get those).  The thread of the ball joint theads into the stock rudder.  I was able to dissassemble the tiller casting (Drilled out rivet) and the bolt theaded into the casting perfectly and the ball joint and nut theaded on to that.  I had to take a little off each end of the tiller "Pipe" as this arrangment was longer than the stock setup. This setup has worked well for two years.  The rubber gasket on the balljoint has worn off in that time.  But other than that it just works.  Im not sure if it really took out that mutch backlash but it looks cleaner, and I don't have the occational jam that the stock setup had, mostly due to the bolt to the rudder going tight.         

-- This article is in the works and I would like some feedback on if this makes sense.  Please comment below.

assembled 1assembled 1

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